Kylie has a wealth of experience to help you work on your art projects, assignments or even just to give you the kick start you need to get creative. Classes are modified to suit your specific needs. She has many students that she works with on a weekly basis or other students who book as required.

Please note there will be no classes on public holidays

Work At Your Pace

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Organise a private group class with friends or family to further your skills and practice a range of techniques. 

Miss Kylie's private group classes are for all ages. She has many students that get together with their group of friends on the weekend to create and learn. She even has parents participate in the classes with their kids and they always get so much out of the class as well. These classes can be adapted to focus on art forms they are interested in and used to expose them to mediums that they usually wouldn’t have access to in the classroom. 

Private Group

Miss Kylie does private tuition for all ages. She has helped many high school students with art assignments and seen university students through their degrees. All of her students have done exceptionally well and accomplished things like being accepted into Kelvin Grove State College Art and Design School of Excellence, receiving the award for Highest Academic Achiever in Senior Visual Arts and graduating from ... with a ... degree in ... 


Miss Kylie has been doing private classes for years. She has helped countless individual students work on their school syllabus or extend them further with more focused learning on skill base techniques that they may struggle with. She can also provide a creative outlet for the child outside of the heavy workload they are faced with in a school environment. It is so important to stay in touch with their imagination as it is so often lost as they progress into the higher year levels of secondary schooling. The benefits of staying creative and igniting the left side of their brain are vast as well as acting as a stress relief.  

Private Tutoring


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