Tiny trees that you can eat! These broccoli & cauliflower studs are too cute, and a great reminder to eat all my veggies!All of our earrings are made from polymer clay which makes them super light and easy to wear. We use sterling silver hooks and surgical steel stud posts for sensitive ears. All of our backings are silicone so they are very comfortable and easy to take on and off. Each item is hand made and perfectly imperfect! This means they can be fragile so I recommend treating them with care. They may vary in shape, size & colour but I work hard to pair the most similar products with each other. Some of our more delicate and detailed earrings have a resin coating on them to protect them further and add a bit of shine!Approximately: 5mm Diameter

Veggie Fix

  • Returns:

    I will personally check every product before sending them out, however, if you are unhappy with the quality of your earrings, I will accept returns that meet the return conditions (see below) within 30 days of your purchase. I will replace the order with a product of the same value within a reasonable amount of time. You must supply proof of purchase to be eligible for a return (see requirements below). Please note that delivery costs are non-refundable for returns. You can return items either via post (postage fees apply) or instore at an agreed upon time.

    Returns Conditions:

    • Return is made within 30 days of purchase
    • You can provide proof of purchase (see below)
    • The product is not damaged or broken

    Before a return can be approved, I will assess the item either in-store or online.

    Proof of Purchase Requirements:

    To receive an exchange, you must supply proof of purchase with at least one the following:

    • Online Invoice
    • Packing Slip received with every online order or collected items from the store.
    • Original return/exchange invoice/gift receipt

    Please note that I am not responsible for finding proof of purchase and that you must supply one or more of the above to be validated.

    Damaged Products:

    As the earrings are handmade, they can be fragile, so, I do ask you to keep this in mind and handle them with care. If an item is damaged through misuse or neglect, I unfortunately cannot provide a refund or exchange. If you purchase an item online and it arrives damaged, I cannot be accountable for said damage and I cannot offer a refund or exchange.


    Unfortunately, I cannot offer a refund on any products that you purchase from me if you change your mind. I also cannot be held accountable for any products that arrive late or, for whatever reason, don't arrive.

    • If you purchase a Gift Certificate, you will receive a gift receipt that can be accepted for a refund of the originally purchased value.

    Thank you for understanding and supporting my small business!

  • Stains:

    It's natural to expect some marks and stains overtime. In this case, you can carefully wipe the earrings with a damp cloth, or for deeper stains, use a cotton bud lightly dipped in cleaning alcohol.


    I don't suggest wearing your earrings to bed, in the shower or swimming. Although sometimes difficult, also try to avoid your earrings coming into contact with makeup, perfume and lotions.


    If removing studs from the earring cards and your ears, try to support the earring stud as you do it. Although they are sturdy and the silicone backings are easy and gentle to remove, they are still handmade products, and not indestructible.

    I also suggest storing them in a cool, dry place where they aren't easily bumped. These are just precautions, and most of the earrings will have an extra layer of resin protection as well. However, even without resin, if cared for correctly, the polymer clay can absolutely be long lasting and enjoyed for many years to come.

    Please note: these instructions are just recommendations, and you are accountable for any user damage.