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With our wonderful teaching studio, we are giving local artists a platform to share their knowledge in their area of expertise. By joining these classes, you will not only be expand your horizons as a student, but you will also be supporting the community!


If you are an artist looking for a place to teach your own class, we welcome you to get in contact for more information.

6 - 7:30pm


Charli Kahler

Who: Incredible Portrait Artist Charli Kahler is based in Brisbane and has been a student of Miss Kylie's for 10+ years! 

What: How to draw hands


When: 16th of July 2021

Where: Art Studio - Upstairs @ 28 Pritchard Rd, Virginia QLD 4014, Australia

Parking:  Parking lot on the left hand side of the building, next to Signature IT, is available to use after 5pm. Street parking is also available. 


Other Info: All art material will be provided, but students are required to wear enclosed shoes. 

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16th July 2021


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